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AllStars Digital (ASD), a revolutionary new platform that tokenizes the trade of a wide range of sports-based alternative assets, has partnered with Aurora Labs who are dedicated to providing mature blockchain technology solutions to the entire industry. Aurora Chain is a decentralized application platform based on third-generation blockchain technology. This partnership will help ASD roll out an expansive list of player-based digital asset offerings, whilst Aurora Chain can expand its blockchain-based industry footprint in the new and exciting world of crypto sports staking.

This new partnership was facilitated by GDA Capital, a leader in the blockchain consultancy and advisory spaces that helps innovative firms bridge the gaps between blockchain technology and traditional finance.

AllStars Digital is a leader in the continuous pricing of performance-based benchmark indices. It has spent two years developing its cutting-edge technology and the project has deep industry expertise across indexes, financial assets and rankings, AI and blockchain, enabling it to deliver quantifiable value rankings to the performance of athletes. These value rankings can then be used by a new generation of sports traders to seek out investment and speculation opportunities in a brand new marketplace.

Marc Aspinall, the COO of AllStars Digital, said: "We're excited to partner with Aurora Labs and look forward to how this new partnership will help us reimagine what's possible in the sports-based digital asset space. Traditional sports betting focuses on binary outcomes where participants win or lose depending on specific declarations - a major disconnect for sophisticated sports fans and digital communities that prefer taking a holistic position on assets with relatable value. We will provide the exchange for trading on sports performance; real-time tradable products that are based on definitive sports data. We're starting with the world's biggest football and cricket stars and have plans to add basketball and e-sports in the roadmap. After that, we'll let the community decide..."

Alex Shevchenko, CEO of Aurora Labs, said: "AllStars Digital is a great example of an innovative and high-impact project that will create waves across the whole industry. We're delighted to partner with the ASD team and look forward to integrating our suite of products and offerings so sports fans, players, celebrities, and other stakeholders and participants around the world can enjoy new experiences of the blockchained sports world. We are also excited to enable this growth opportunity for the web3 community."

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AllStars Digital is designed to give traders and sports fans access to highly liquid and relatable new digital assets. The underlying prices of these assets will be calculated using the same rigorous assessment and valuation tools and processes used with traditional financial assets.

AllStars' asset prices are derived from a complex but fully-audited algorithm which, using a wide array of in-game statistics such as goals scored or assists, tackles or saves made, and from a holistic view of how the peer group is performing, synthesizes a single and balanced performance metric that is applicable to all players in a sport, irrespective of the position they play and the key actions they are most likely to perform. In other words, if a player performs well, whether in defence, midfield, attack, or in any other capacity in their sport, their associated price performs well, too.

By providing traders and sports fans with access to assets that are fairly and accurately priced based on measurable real-world statistics, AllStars Digital is offering a bold new perspective on what sports staking, trade, and speculation can and should look like, and it is expected to be one of the most exciting web3 launches of the year.

Some of the benefits of Aurora Chain that will be built into the ASD project include integrated blockchain development for the planned AllStars Chain, support for multiple development languages, a decentralized application distribution system for the AllStars dApps programme, access to Aurora's commercial-grade technology platform, advanced security, superior processing power, an automatically upgradable blockchain, and a multi-chain parallel network that is compatible with multiple consensus mechanisms.

To learn more about how AllStars Digital is bringing bleeding-edge blockchain technology and new speculation opportunities to the sports industry, find out more here

About AllStars Digital

AllStars Digital is the World's First Digital Sports Exchange and first to deliver a platform for the tokenization of sports stars and sports-based alternative assets. The platform bridges centralized and decentralized markets and gives traders and sports fans access to liquid and accessible new digital assets, which are then priced using the same rigorous processes associated with traditional financial products, thereby providing, secure, and optimized trading and exciting new opportunities with a focus on the sports and crypto communities.

About Aurora Chain

Aurora Chain applies delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) and Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) consensus mechanisms and contracts with "speed of light" operation to link industries as disparate as gaming, big data, AI, and IoT. Aurora Chain aims to build a wonderful and colourful blockchain world - one that shines like the aurora. Aurora Chain offers intelligent application isolation and enables multi-chain parallel expansion to create an extremely high TPS while maintaining security and performance. In this way, Aurora Chain ushers in a new era for the blockchain world and is a sought-after partner for innovative projects and initiatives across all industries.

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