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DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / May 10, 2019 / Silicon Valley has been the birthplace of world-altering technologies and the most influential tech giants for over a century. While known mostly as the center of the dot-com bubble era, the area has a long history of innovation. More recently the area has been popularized by ''unicorn'' startups, which are newly found companies valued at over $1 billion.

Yet, despite the many opportunities arising from this particular area, access to companies remains limited. Financial and social barriers prevent many people from getting involved in promising startups and relegate them to the sidelines. This denial of early access is about to change.

Zest.Fund is ready to take the center stage and revolutionize the accessibility of Silicon Valley. Zest bridges the gap to the general public and provides an inclusiveness that didn't exist prior. The team behind Zest.Fund, headed by Stuart Farmer (CEO of Lamden), is well entrenched in the space of technology and business. By leveraging the innate aspects of the blockchain collectively with their connections to the high-tech finance world, they are able to mobilize Zest.Fund as a high-value single entity, tapping into some of the most qualified VC options.

Among others, their strategies include hiring and assigning analysts, as well as being on site during Due Diligence. In order to ensure a transparent use of funds, an in-house financial comptroller will be hired and present on site. The comptroller will promote proper use of the funds and frequently report back to the community on portfolio metrics. This will ensure that backers of the project are updated on the portfolio's performance regularly.

Zest.Fund is comparable to a syndicate, in the meaning that it is crowdsourced by many but acts as a single unit. The Z token, to be distributed on the robust Ethereum blockchain, will be the representative of a person's contribution. Once the token sale has concluded, all money raised will be converted into fiat. The fiat will then, after a sourcing period, be placed in the hands of top tiered professionals. As profit is returned, the fiat will be used to buyback Z tokens at market price. Following this event, all purchased tokens will be burned, i.e. destroyed and thus removed from circulation. This will, in turn, decrease the supply and should increase the demand. This rotation will carry on until all tokens are burned. Zest.Fund is looking to run multiple funds simultaneously, with the first iteration set for release in the very near future.

Zest.Fund has already found a partner in their venture: Top performing exchange LATOKEN will handle the initial coin distribution. The previously mentioned mass buys will also take place on the LATOKEN exchange. In shaking hands with LATOKEN, Zest.Fund is immediately granted the same level of trust as the exchange, as well as a direct line of access to their entire user base.

In order to keep updated, follow the Zest.Fund Twitter account or check in on their website https://zest.fund/ regularly.



SOURCE: SV Advisory Group

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